5 Reasons to Visit Ghana

Ghana is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa, with around 90,000 British citizens visiting every year. Travellers looking to experience Africa beyond the stereotypical pyramids, souks and mountains the continent is most known for. There are many reasons to visit this amazing country, here are the top five: 1.     Volunteering Arguably the mostContinue reading “5 Reasons to Visit Ghana”

Unusual Volunteer Projects

Volunteering is becoming more accessible with more unique and obscure projects popping up all around the world. While volunteers who deliver meals on wheels and work at charity shops provide an invaluable service, some may opt for some of the more unusual volunteering roles out there, both at home and away. NASA Astronaut Would youContinue reading “Unusual Volunteer Projects”

Unusual Volunteering in America

America faces many troubles and issues much like many any other country and is home to thousands of volunteer projects spread out across each of the fifty states. The versatile environments of the country including the extreme diverse climate, geography and wildlife of the USA means there are more unusual volunteer projects than in other,Continue reading “Unusual Volunteering in America”

How To Self-Sabotage Your Volunteering Abroad

Planning a volunteer holiday can take some time, when it finally comes around you’re excited to get out there and make a difference. Although, there may be a slight worry that what you’ve imagined in your head is too hyped up and reality could never compare. We have all done it, the vacation which failedContinue reading “How To Self-Sabotage Your Volunteering Abroad”

Unexpected Joys of Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering comes in many different ways, whether it is helping at a local food bank, helping the elderly get some fresh air or teaching in and building a school abroad. There’s no doubt that volunteering helps individuals and communities but surprisingly the volunteers also benefit. More and more people are choosing to help further awayContinue reading “Unexpected Joys of Volunteering Abroad”

10 Top Tips for Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways of travelling and is booming in popularity. Increasing travellers are option to join other volunteers helping overseas and experience this exciting way of travel.

How To Volunteer Abroad

How To Volunteer Abroad Do you bore quickly of lounging by a pool and sunbathing on a beach? Do you prefer getting involved with the local community and make a difference on your travels? It sounds like volunteering abroad is something you might be interested in! If you want to explore a new destination, experienceContinue reading “How To Volunteer Abroad”

Volunteering Can Improve Your Uni Experience?

Life at uni is crazy! Meeting a swarm of new people, in unfamiliar surroundings and too many parties and essays to count. The last thing on a students mind is volunteering! So many students miss out on reaping the many benefits of volunteering. Not only does it improve your experience on a whole, it can count towards improving a grade and improves employability after uni tenfold.

How To Volunteer Abroad For Your Career

I’ve volunteered abroad in three continents and I noticed than probably two or three in every volunteer group were making far more of it for their future careers than the rest of us were. While most of us were just following the daily schedule and letting our hair down in the evenings, there were someContinue reading “How To Volunteer Abroad For Your Career”

Different Ways To Volunteer Abroad

Different Ways To Volunteer Abroad Unusual and unconventional volunteer projects are popping up all over the place. With so many projects out there, it can be difficult and time-consuming filtering through each one to find the ideal project for you! It is a good idea to think about how you want to volunteer abroad beforeContinue reading “Different Ways To Volunteer Abroad”