30 Mental Health Benefits Of Volunteering Abroad

Before I arrived on my first volunteer project abroad, I hadn’t once considered what I would gain from it, instead I worried whether I would even have anything to offer and that everyone else would be more experienced than me. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Although it’s a cliché, it is true that youContinue reading “30 Mental Health Benefits Of Volunteering Abroad”

How to Make Friends Whilst Travelling

Travelling abroad is becoming easier to organise and more solo travellers are embarking on journeys abroad. Although the fear of spending many weeks alone can be daunting for some but there is no need to worry! There are many different ways to make friends travelling solo. The easiest way to make friends whilst travelling isContinue reading “How to Make Friends Whilst Travelling”

Travel For Self Care

Everyday distractions can cloud our minds and clutter our thoughts. Travelling gives people the opportunity to step away from the daily grind and give our brain a rest. Simply the act of planning a trip can give people something to look forward to and bring excitement into their lives. Getting away from the nine to five and taking time for yourself could be just what the doctor ordered.

Unusual Volunteer Projects

Volunteering is becoming more accessible with more unique and obscure projects popping up all around the world. While volunteers who deliver meals on wheels and work at charity shops provide an invaluable service, some may opt for some of the more unusual volunteering roles out there, both at home and away. NASA Astronaut Would youContinue reading “Unusual Volunteer Projects”

How To Travel On A Budget

Never let your empty wallet stop you from taking the trip of a lifetime and explore the world, travelling abroad. If you are experiencing wanderlust but don’t have the bank account to support your dreams it doesn’t mean you can’t travel. There are many ways which travelling can become affordable and not break the bank.Continue reading “How To Travel On A Budget”

How To Self-Sabotage Your Volunteering Abroad

Planning a volunteer holiday can take some time, when it finally comes around you’re excited to get out there and make a difference. Although, there may be a slight worry that what you’ve imagined in your head is too hyped up and reality could never compare. We have all done it, the vacation which failedContinue reading “How To Self-Sabotage Your Volunteering Abroad”

Unexpected Joys of Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering comes in many different ways, whether it is helping at a local food bank, helping the elderly get some fresh air or teaching in and building a school abroad. There’s no doubt that volunteering helps individuals and communities but surprisingly the volunteers also benefit. More and more people are choosing to help further awayContinue reading “Unexpected Joys of Volunteering Abroad”

What To Take On A Marine Conservation Project

Covering over 70% of the earth’s surface and providing the world with oxygen, food, medicine and transportation options, it is no surprise that people are looking into ways to conserving and protecting oceans and seas. Increasingly more volunteers are turning away from traditional volunteering options of teaching English or building schools in Africa to jobsContinue reading “What To Take On A Marine Conservation Project”

Unnecessary Costs Travelling Abroad

Travelling abroad is an unforgettable experience although it can sometimes seem whilst overseas, your money evaporates and doesn’t go as far. It could be because travellers are more relaxed and spend less time counting their pennies but more likely it is simply that they are wasting their money on unnecessary costs. Here are some annoyingContinue reading “Unnecessary Costs Travelling Abroad”

Knoxville, Great Things To Do!

Southern hospitality, more than 225 years of history, a thriving downtown and a thousand-acre outdoor playground help make Knoxville, Tennessee one of those cities you’ll want to visit again and again. This city of nearly 200,000 sits along the Tennessee River in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains. Knoxville is  home to the UniversityContinue reading “Knoxville, Great Things To Do!”