A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination

I have always been intrigued about other peoples favourite holiday destinations and why that holiday made an impression on their lives. To help me write this post, I reached out to the blogging community to find out where they love to travel! My favorite holiday destination is Florida because that is where the happiest placeContinue reading “A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination”

Dungeons And Dragons

This post was something I wrote a while ago but with Christmas springing upon us, I thought I would wait to post it in the new year! Celebrating the release of the mad mage adventure. We gathered at around to adventure through the maze and find the Mad Mage. We stumbles onto dungeons and dragonsContinue reading “Dungeons And Dragons”

The Peaks And The Pits Of 2018

The game the peaks and the pits is a New Years eve ritual in our household. Sometimes also played at work Christmas parties. The game is very simple, just discuss the peaks of 2018 (all of the good parts) followed by the pits (the not so good parts.) The Peaks So many to choose fromContinue reading “The Peaks And The Pits Of 2018”

December Bloggers Round Up

I hope you all had a cracking December and for those who celebrate the festive seasons, I hope you had a merry Christmas. On new years eve I want to bring some bloggers to you that you should follow and check out in 2019. Anna Stralthy The Girl in All Leopard Simple Kind Of MomContinue reading “December Bloggers Round Up”

How I Spend Christmas by Kelli

When my family of four isn’t in the car making our way from house to house, our Christmas celebration includes an extended amount of family time, loud conversations, refreshing cocktails, a few toddler meltdowns, and always some good food. My favorite part of celebrating Christmas is our gulf-style Christmas Eve Oyster Bake. I live inContinue reading “How I Spend Christmas by Kelli”

How I Spend Christmas by Tajinder Kaur

Christmas, I used to love her But as time continued and I grew older Things weren’t the same Everything changed For better or worse, I’m not too sure The excited mornings A decorated house filled with family and friends Slowly it all disappeared, one by one What was left? All that answered was silence. ThinkingContinue reading “How I Spend Christmas by Tajinder Kaur”

Best Christmas TV Episodes

Gathering round and enjoying some festive TV episodes can be a great, free, way to get in the holiday mood. With Christmas being around the corner, in no particular order, these are my all time favourite Christmas T.V episodes. Community – Regional Holiday Music Season 3 Episode 10 When the schools glee club suffer fromContinue reading “Best Christmas TV Episodes”


The Libester Award is an exciting way for bloggers to gain more exposure. Connect with other bloggers through social media and get discovered. How The Libester Award Works Add a link to the Official Liebster Award page in your blog. Answer the questions from your nominator. Ask 11 more questions to those you nominate Comment onContinue reading “THE LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINATION 2018”

How I Spend Christmas by Anna Stralthy

Hello everyone! My name is Anna and I blog about health, food, beauty and lifestyle over at Stralthy.com . You can also find me on my Twitter and Instagram.  I am really happy that I got to write a post for Hannah’s blog so make yourself cozy, grab a cup of coffee and let’s start. ITContinue reading “How I Spend Christmas by Anna Stralthy”

Best Places To Travel Over Christmas

As we begin to enter the Christmas season many travellers take advantage of their time off work and choose to travel and explore a new country! There is still time to plan a last minute get away, or begin thinking about Christmas 2019, but where do you go? Where are the best places to visitContinue reading “Best Places To Travel Over Christmas”