Things You Cannot Miss In Tenerife

Tenerife is an Island of the North coast of Africa governed by Spain. Expats from Britain chose to retire in Tenerife and the country became a fusion of Spanish and British culture. With over 760,000 attractions on this island tourists are spoilt for choice. When you plan your trip, the first thing you’ll want toContinue reading “Things You Cannot Miss In Tenerife”

Jumping Off A Cliff: Hannah

Here is the throw back video of me jumping off a cliff, for the first time, back in 2013. I was very scared but it was honestly one of my favourite parts of the holiday and I’m so glad I did it, it certainly encouraged my to be more adventurous. Jumping off the cliff forContinue reading “Jumping Off A Cliff: Hannah”

More Bloggers Favourite Holidays

Continuing on from last weeks A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination, here is another instalment from the blogging community on their best holidays destinations and why! My favorite place that I’ve been on vacation to is Alaska because it is such a beautiful state and so different from any other place I’ve been. The scenery isContinue reading “More Bloggers Favourite Holidays”