10 Top Tips for Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways of travelling and is booming in popularity. Increasing travellers are option to join other volunteers helping overseas and experience this exciting way of travel.

5 Things To Do In Denver

In terms of likeable cities, Denver, Colorado is a top contender. There’s fresh air, mountains in sight, and a diverse range of things to do.  As a former resident, I can attest to a well-known fact: this capital city has a quaint, almost-small-town charm with all the amenities and comforts of a large city. YouContinue reading “5 Things To Do In Denver”

March Bloggers Round Up

This month I joined an online blogging community and met so many amazing fellow bloggers! Here is my round up of bloggers to follow this month: Lea Bella Blogs Rumelepa International Nat Kirsten Vs The World Captivated Charis Messy Bun Traveler Nourish The Free Life Christina Tais Travel Tales Of Life Along Dusty Roads LetContinue reading “March Bloggers Round Up”

How To Volunteer Abroad

How To Volunteer Abroad Do you bore quickly of lounging by a pool and sunbathing on a beach? Do you prefer getting involved with the local community and make a difference on your travels? It sounds like volunteering abroad is something you might be interested in! If you want to explore a new destination, experienceContinue reading “How To Volunteer Abroad”

Top Things To Do In Chengdu, China

With a population of more than 14 million people and stretching over an area of 12,000 km, Chengdu is one of largest city in the world! When I first arrived in China I was amazed by the culture shock. It isn’t the furthest I have ever travelled however it is the most different place I have ever been. As a tourist here there is so much to see and do. Some in the centre of the city and some over in the area of Chengdu.

Three Central Florida Kayak Paddle Adventures

Kayaking in Florida, where the weather is so splendid that we can enjoy paddling every month of the year, is such a great way to be in nature. And what a variety of water we have. . .the ocean, rivers, lakes, springheads and spring runs. . .there is no way to be bored once you learn to move a kayak through the water.

A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination: Part 6

Each day bloggers write about travelling the world, but where do they really love to visit? Where are their favourite vacation destinations? Below are some of my favourite bloggers, favourite holiday destinations: Hands down my favorite trip of all time has been to Antarctica. It has a quiet and untouched beauty that is unequaled. @This CustomContinue reading “A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination: Part 6”

Volunteering Can Improve Your Uni Experience?

Life at uni is crazy! Meeting a swarm of new people, in unfamiliar surroundings and too many parties and essays to count. The last thing on a students mind is volunteering! So many students miss out on reaping the many benefits of volunteering. Not only does it improve your experience on a whole, it can count towards improving a grade and improves employability after uni tenfold.

Top 10 Things to Do In Witney

Witney is in West Oxfordshire in the south east of England. It is a growing town about 12 miles west of Oxford and sits on the edge of the beautiful Cotswolds, which is commonly regarded as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

50 Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

Inject some sun and vacation into your life and follow these Instagram accounts. Live vicariously through digital nomads and see more of the world on your screen. From ancient ruins, to new and unusual cuisines. Here are the top 50 Instagram accounts you have to follow: 1. Global Girl Community An amazing community, filled withContinue reading “50 Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow”