How to Make Friends Whilst Travelling

Travelling abroad is becoming easier to organise and more solo travellers are embarking on journeys abroad. Although the fear of spending many weeks alone can be daunting for some but there is no need to worry! There are many different ways to make friends travelling solo. The easiest way to make friends whilst travelling isContinue reading “How to Make Friends Whilst Travelling”

Things To Do In Vegas

Despite the media primarily advertising Vegas as somewhere to gamble, lose your best friends on a stag do and get married to someone you just met, there is tons to do in this exciting city!  Here are my opinions on some of the top things to do in Vegas: Grand Canyon It should be illegalContinue reading “Things To Do In Vegas”

How To Save Money Travelling Abroad

Travelling abroad is an unforgettable experience but it can also be an expensive one! Here are some annoying and unnecessary costs that can help save money on your travels. Read more now!

Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow Now!

With every person under the sun promoting their Instagram account and all claiming to have the best one, it can be hard to know who is actually worth following. I have compiled a list of the best Instagram accounts that are well worth a follow now!

Things You Cannot Miss In Tenerife

Tenerife is an Island of the North coast of Africa governed by Spain. Expats from Britain chose to retire in Tenerife and the country became a fusion of Spanish and British culture. With over 760,000 attractions on this island tourists are spoilt for choice. When you plan your trip, the first thing you’ll want toContinue reading “Things You Cannot Miss In Tenerife”

30 Mental Health Benefits Of Volunteering Abroad

Before I arrived on my first volunteer project abroad, I hadn’t once considered what I would gain from it, instead I worried whether I would even have anything to offer and that everyone else would be more experienced than me. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Although it’s a cliché, it is true that youContinue reading “30 Mental Health Benefits Of Volunteering Abroad”

A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination: Part 6

Each day bloggers write about travelling the world, but where do they really love to visit? Where are their favourite vacation destinations? Below are some of my favourite bloggers, favourite holiday destinations: Hands down my favorite trip of all time has been to Antarctica. It has a quiet and untouched beauty that is unequaled. @This CustomContinue reading “A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination: Part 6”

Travel For Self Care

Everyday distractions can cloud our minds and clutter our thoughts. Travelling gives people the opportunity to step away from the daily grind and give our brain a rest. Simply the act of planning a trip can give people something to look forward to and bring excitement into their lives. Getting away from the nine to five and taking time for yourself could be just what the doctor ordered.

50 Travel Posts To Write

To help guest bloggers and new bloggers venturing out into the travel niche, know what to write, I have compiled a list of 50 travel articles to write.