Volunteering Can Improve Your Uni Experience?

Life at uni is crazy! Meeting a swarm of new people, in unfamiliar surroundings and too many parties and essays to count. The last thing on a students mind is volunteering! So many students miss out on reaping the many benefits of volunteering. Not only does it improve your experience on a whole, it can count towards improving a grade and improves employability after uni tenfold.

Mechanical Circus

Roll up, roll up, last weekend me and Michael headed to the Norwich forum to experience their Mechanical Circus exhibition. Celebrating coming to the end of their Circus 250 celebrations, this feature focus on the first ever mechanical toys and mechanical sculptures. Entering the auditorium, joyful circus music filled my ears played through a rollerContinue reading “Mechanical Circus”

What I’ve Learnt From Two Months Of Blogging

Today is my two month anniversary as a blog. Happy two months Twenty Six O Two! As a *newbie*Β blogger I thought I would share some things that I have learnt along the way, so you too can learn from my mistakes. There’s No Need To Take A Course. A lot of more experienced bloggers offerContinue reading “What I’ve Learnt From Two Months Of Blogging”

Dungeons And Dragons

This post was something I wrote a while ago but with Christmas springing upon us, I thought I would wait to post it in the new year! Celebrating the release of the mad mage adventure. We gathered at around to adventure through the maze and find the Mad Mage. We stumbles onto dungeons and dragonsContinue reading “Dungeons And Dragons”

The Peaks And The Pits Of 2018

The game the peaks and the pits is a New Years eve ritual in our household. Sometimes also played at work Christmas parties. The game is very simple, just discuss the peaks of 2018 (all of the good parts) followed by the pits (the not so good parts.) The Peaks So many to choose fromContinue reading “The Peaks And The Pits Of 2018”

My New Year Resolutions

With a new years just around the corner many of us are trying to reinvent ourselves for the better. Laying out resolutions to make our 2019 better than the year just gone. Although my 2018 was incredible, there is always room for improvement. I don’t usually set New Years resolutions because I believe your canContinue reading “My New Year Resolutions”