How I Spend Christmas by Tajinder Kaur

Christmas, I used to love her But as time continued and I grew older Things weren’t the same Everything changed For better or worse, I’m not too sure The excited mornings A decorated house filled with family and friends Slowly it all disappeared, one by one What was left? All that answered was silence. ThinkingContinue reading “How I Spend Christmas by Tajinder Kaur”

How I Spend Christmas by Bella

Bella is a 20 something country lifestyle blogger, based in Cambridgeshire, UK. On her blog she covers a range of topics, from homemaking to chicken keeping, but also shares her journey with PCOS and trying to start a family. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter, or read her about page, to find out more. Christmas has changed a lot for me over theContinue reading “How I Spend Christmas by Bella”


The Libester Award is an exciting way for bloggers to gain more exposure. Connect with other bloggers through social media and get discovered. How The Libester Award Works Add a link to the Official Liebster Award page in your blog. Answer the questions from your nominator. Ask 11 more questions to those you nominate Comment onContinue reading “THE LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINATION 2018”

How I Spend Christmas by Anna Stralthy

Hello everyone! My name is Anna and I blog about health, food, beauty and lifestyle over at . You can also find me on my Twitter and Instagram.  I am really happy that I got to write a post for Hannah’s blog so make yourself cozy, grab a cup of coffee and let’s start. ITContinue reading “How I Spend Christmas by Anna Stralthy”

November Bloggers Round Up

I’ve just started blogging and would love to pay respects to some of the blogs I found this month which I loved reading! There are so many amazing blogs and writers out there, here are just a few blogs in my November blog round up: IContinue reading “November Bloggers Round Up”

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Lets work together and gain more exposure through guest-writing on my blog! Guest-blogging is perfect for attracting a larger audience, getting your blog out there and increasing traffic. It feels amazing to have people appreciate your content and guest-blogging can get your ideas out into the world. Unfortunately the majority of established blogs don’t accept guest-writersContinue reading “Guest Bloggers Wanted”