Makers Market at The Norwich Forum.

One of my favourite things about living in Norwich is the amount of free event the local library, The Norwich Forum, put on each month. In January they ran The Mechanical Circus and throughout February we saw the return of the Makers Market.

With the Makers Market, returned the Nudinits Cinema, now this isn’t a cinema where all of the viewers are nude. It is an amazing movie by Sarah Simi, set in Wooly Bush, an English village where the locals are far too polite to mention one thing. Everyone is naked and the movie is full of double entendres. Nusinits Cinema is the first ever fully knitted animation movie and is bursting with Britishness and bare bottoms. Check them out at for more.

One of the most amazing instalments at the makers market was the completely knitted edition of Great Yarmouth seafront. Made by a resident of Yarmouth, she said when she was sat knitting, the time flew by.

Back by popular demand was an instalment by pearl and quilt. Last year they knitted a life-size version of Queen Elizabeth II and this year they decided to knit a mother and daughter sat in a lounge, with grandma sewing in the corner.

It wasn’t all art instalments, members of the public could get involved with different arts and craft activities. We decided to have our hand at quilting, which was very difficult and fiddly and we also had a go at printing.

Printing is the art of painting na object and pressing it against a canvas to get a print of the texture. I decided to use small tree branches, whereas my sister chose bubblewrap and my nan chose pieces of bark.

Quilting was difficult. A lot more than my nan ever made it seem. We stitched around a stencil many times and then stitched all of our little creations together to create a larger piece. The Norfolk quilting group was there to teach us how to quilt and had a beautiful quilt they had made hung behind their stall, made up of thousands of inch long diamonds.

Whilst being creative, my sister and I were approached by the BBC news to feature on the local news. After watching the segment, I was reminded of the episode of Gavin and Stacy when Mick interviews for the news for half and hour and they use one line. We were sat for a lot longer than they used.

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