85 Places to Sell Avon

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Recently I became an Avon representative, selling both in my local area and online. If you want to check out my products you can here. 

I wanted to give some tips to other representatives with 85 places to sell Avon, starting with where to leave brochures:

  1. Your work
  2. Partners work
  3. Parents work
  4. Siblings work (workplaces are great because you can leave a brochure in the staff room for everyone to read)
  5. Grandparents
  6. Parents
  7. Siblings
  8. Godparent
  9. Cousins
  10. Aunts (it’s not necessary to leave a brochure with family members, go round and ask them what they want to order and then the brochure can then be left elsewhere, earning you more money)
  11. School teachers room
  12. School admins office
  13. School leaflets for children to take home to parents
  14. Local gym reception
  15. Local gym changing rooms
  16. Public toilets (hand a brochure in a bag on the back of the cubicle door)
  17. Laundromat
  18. Church
  19. Retirement home
  20. Community centre
  21. Doctor’s surgery
  22. A&E waiting room
  23. Dentists
  24. Veterinary
  25. Pet shop
  26. Any nearby shops
  27. Any independent shops in town
  28. Local coffee shops
  29. Neighbors door handles
  30. Delivered to everyone in the neighbourhood and the next neighbourhood along.
  31. Under windshield wipers of cars in carparks
  32. Corner shop (great for close by delivery)
  33. Car mechanics
  34. Car wash (usually these places are run by men and there are solely mens magazines, adding an Avon brochure is great for the ladies)
  35. Library
  36. Small business hub
  37. Supermarket community board
  38. College campus
  39. University campus
  40. Hair salon (among the other magazines)
  41. Mummy social clubs
  42. Nursery and daycare centres
  43. Places along your regular route to work or school
  44. Yard sales
  45. Town market
  46. Summer fairs with markets
  47. Dance class
  48. Gymnastics class
  49. Karate class
  50. Swimming pool changing rooms

There are plenty of places to leave brochures. Just remember to:

  • Get permission from the manager/owner to leave the books
  • Be consistent about bringing by new brochures
  • Label your books clearly so contacts know how to reach you

There are all many places online to post that you’re an Avon representative, you can also include a link for your online shop.

Taking your own photos and videos will connect with customers more than just using Avon stock photos.

  1. Facebook posts
  2. Facebook selling and buying pages (every campaign, post a pic of the brochure and ask all of your friends and family if they would like one, then ask your friends and family to share the post)
  3. Local Facebook groups (nearly every town has a local group page)
  4. Facebook events (post open houses and when you’re free to host an Avon party)
  5. Create a Facebook business page for your Avon selling
  6. Facebook marketplace
  7. Facebook Live (to demonstrate products)
  8. Tweet out your online Avon shop and hashtag your location for local shoppers to find you too.
  9. Instagram feed
  10. Instagram stories (let customers know when you have orders or new brochures in)
  11. Instagram Live
  12. Pinterest
  13. Youtube
  14. Linkedin
  15. Post on beauty blogs which products you enjoy using the most
  16. Gumtree
  17. Craigslist
  18. Email blasts to customers
  19. Online classified ads
  20. Email signature (a link to your online store and mention that you can deliver a brochure)
  21. Google maps
  22. Business listings
  23. Yell
  24. Depop
  25. Shpock
  26. Ziffit
  27. Letgo
  28. Wallapop
  29. Deal
  30. Vinted
  31. Etsy
  32. Ebay
  33. Shopify
  34. LetGo
  35. Ebay

Do you sell Avon, where are your favourite places to leave brochures?

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