What I’ve Learnt From Two Months Of Blogging

Today is my two month anniversary as a blog. Happy two months Twenty Six O Two! As a *newbie* blogger I thought I would share some things that I have learnt along the way, so you too can learn from my mistakes.

There’s No Need To Take A Course.

A lot of more experienced bloggers offer courses for new bloggers to learn how to become a blogger and how to write etc. In reality these courses are not essential. Writing improves over time with more experience and sites such as Word Press make blogging so easy. It you are a complete novice and find yourself needing guidance, sign up to a free email course or perhaps watch some YouTube videos on the subject.

Don’t waste your money on an expensive blogging course.

Don’t Stress About Original Photos

Unsplash.com is my new best friend. There are many free photo galleries online for bloggers to dive into and download pictures for their blog.

I wondered how every blogger found enough time to set up the perfect photoshoot to take photos to accompany every post. This is actually the main reason I put off starting a post for so long, I thought that I would never have enough time to write and photoshoot along with my prior commitments.

Social Media Is Your Friend

From meeting fellow bloggers and joining the blogging community, to having a base for your audience to find you, social media is the perfect solution to update people on new posts and chat top tips with other bloggers.

A Stockpile Of Posts Isn’t Needed

I thought that before I started my blog, if I wrote a lot of posts ready to publish then it would make my blogging life easier. In reality I found little motivation to write, as there was reason for me to write so much, the posts were simply being saved to my computer.

Get stuck in and start your blog now!

Patience Is Key

Unfortunately your blog won’t be an overnight hit. You have to wait and watch your audience and readers build up in front of your eyes. There will be days when you have a lot more traffic than others. Perhaps somedays you will have over one hundred and the next only a couple, under ten. You’ve done nothing wrong, the amount of readers you have will fluctuate.

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3 Replies to “What I’ve Learnt From Two Months Of Blogging”

  1. The first two points are so apt ! Most of the super-blogging courses look really shoddy. I kinda miss those days when blogging had not been turned into a money-minting industry. Great post !


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