Dungeons And Dragons

This post was something I wrote a while ago but with Christmas springing upon us, I thought I would wait to post it in the new year!
Celebrating the release of the mad mage adventure. We gathered at around to adventure through the maze and find the Mad Mage.
We stumbles onto dungeons and dragons when they began hosting DnD nights at the Games Table in Norwich. This is a tabletop venue which welcomes and invites Norwich members of the public to play board and role playing games with other likeminded people.
Previously we have only adventured through one shots and we have only done a handful of these. One shots are campaigns which you can finish within a couple of hours. There is a problem, your characters come in and solve it, then the adventure is over.
IMG_20181124_193149.jpgThe Mad Mage campaign was much longer, we played for about six hours and only managed to get to the second level of the underground maze. We are certainly getting better at using our characters and learning how to make the most critical of hits.
My character is a high wizard elf, I have learnt to stand at the edge of a battle, away from the combat and to cast spells to damage our opponents as I have such low hit damage if I stand in the middle of combat I get knocked down very easily. I found this out on my first and second battles when I had to keep reaching for health potions and rolling life saving throws.
IMG_20181124_170505.jpgBefore being introduced to DnD I assumed it was, as it is often portrayed in the media, for geeks and nerds. The cool kids played video games and the not-so-cool kids played dungeons and dragons. Perhaps I am in denial and am in fact not as cool as I think I am?
I first saw it played on community, there are two episodes where the study group all play together, I have also seen it played in iZombie and -although I am very aware they are acting and may not actually feel this way about this game- the characters always seem to have a great time playing it!
I would recommend this game to everyone, defiantly play it with experienced players first in an arranged beginners group. Otherwise you will have no idea what is going on and be very stuck, if at least one person doesn’t know what they are doing.

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