The Peaks And The Pits Of 2018

The game the peaks and the pits is a New Years eve ritual in our household. Sometimes also played at work Christmas parties. The game is very simple, just discuss the peaks of 2018 (all of the good parts) followed by the pits (the not so good parts.)

The Peaks


So many to choose from but these are my all time favourite moments and peaks of 2018.

  • Our family holiday to New York. The best 21st birthday present anyone could’ve asked for. It started with first class flights to Canada, staying in Niagara with a breath taking view of the falls from the hotel room. Then a couple of days later flying down to New York, watching Wicked on broadway and soaking up the city that never sleeps.
  • Our second family holiday to Florida. We don’t always have two family holidays so it was nice to all meet up for a second time
  • Our group holiday to Turkey.Β The first holiday Michael went on in about ten years and he was an absolute child about everything. The airport, the flying, baggage claim. Everything was amazing and exciting to him. I certainly take the holidays I go on for granted and I need to remember how privileged I am to see so much of the world.

The Pits


There are very few pits as 2018 has been very kind to me!

  • My sister moving out. This one is a pit for two reason. Number one, I enjoyed living with my sister and was sad to see her go and number two, she gave me and Michael very little notice to sort out living arrangement, whether we could afford to split the cost between two, if we needed another lodger etc.
  • My Anxiety being a pain. I have managed my anxiety very well over the past couple of years and in 2017 it rarely effected me at all, but unfortunately this year it has been a bit annoying having a couple of panic attacks and feeling unsettled for no reason. It is in no way, bad anxiety and doesn’t affect me on the whole, apart from a couple of lost evenings but it certainly was not needed and very annoying.

What were your peaks and pits of 2018? Let me know in the comment section below!

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