My New Year Resolutions

With a new years just around the corner many of us are trying to reinvent ourselves for the better. Laying out resolutions to make our 2019 better than the year just gone. Although my 2018 was incredible, there is always room for improvement. I don’t usually set New Years resolutions because I believe your can choose to improve yourself at any time during the year, you don’t have to wait for a new one to begin. Whenever I did set new year resolutions, the few times I have done, as 90% of other who set them, they are broken by March and a lost cause.

I swear to do better this year and make 2019 the year I actually stick to my new year resolutions.

Get Better at Social Media


The biggest flaw of my blog is my lack of presence on social media. I don’t know why but I have never been into broadcasting my life online, rather that just living in the moment. This is something I have regretted recently, meeting up with family members and friends and them asking to see photos of my holidays or days out and I haven’t got any. I need to find the prefect split between taking photos and not sitting on my phone the whole time.

Eat Healthier


Something both myself and Michael have already implemented but need to stick to well into the new year. Our weight has got a bit of a joke, far too many take aways, being lazy ordering in, even though there is a fully stocked fridge.

Its fine, everyone slips into a rut with bad eating habits but it needs to stop now!

Learn To Drive


This is my longest lasting New Years resolution, I think it has featured as a resolution for the past four years. I have taken lessons, even to the point where I was told to book my test but overtime I  simply stopped the lessons and lost touch with the skill.

Even though I don’t want to but a car and actually drive, I think its wise to get learning over and done with, out of the way.

Actually Use My Gym Membership


Biggest waste of money ever. I attend a class once every month and a couple of solo sessions every now and again but I certainly don’t get my moneys worth. I am joined up to a David Lloyd gym, which is beautiful and fully equipped, also expensive.

In 2019 I need to make a larger effort to get up to the gym, once I’m there I actually enjoy the workout, it is simply finding the motivation to actually get myself up there.

Travel More


Potentially the only New Years resolution I will stick to in 2019. There are many places I want to check out this year, returning trips to some of my favourite places like Tenerife and seeing new lands like Las Vegas.

I can’t wait to get on the plane and see more of the wonderful world!

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I am a photojournalist living just outside London. I blog about my friends as i find life in this generation very interesting.

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