How I Spend Christmas by Sorayah Talarek

Christmas comes once a year and people tend to celebrate in their own way. For example, I know people who celebrate on Christmas Eve and do nothing Christmas Day and on the other hand, I know others who celebrate both days! 
Christmas was never big in my home when I was younger. I come from a family of three (my mom, dad, & me), so the holidays were mostly very simple and short. I always got presents and opened them on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day. It would depend when my mom was off work since she worked a lot near the holidays. She’s a registered nurse, so she loved the extra cash.
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As I got older, I would spend Christmas with my friends or boyfriend. This year, we got to experience the Holiday Lights along The San Antonio River Walk in Texas a few weekends ago. All the lights were absolutely stunning the way they lit up the trees and river. Even the boats on the river were nicely lit with hues of blues and pinks. It was magical to say the least. I would definitely recommend their River Walk during the Christmas season. It’s an experience you want to share with your loved ones. They usually have the lights set up from after Thanksgiving until about New Years Day.

On Christmas Day this year, My boyfriend and I will be spending it in Downtown Chicago at theWit Hotel. We got the largest suite there with panoramic views of the city, including State Street and the infamous Chicago sign. We have stayed here before for my 26th birthday last year, so it should be another fun time! 
Here, in the Paramount Suite, we will open our Christmas presents and enjoy each others company, away from everyone in Indiana. 🙂 We’re also going to have an exquisite steak dinner delivered and lounge around in our robes all day/night. My boyfriend and I will be celebrating US this Christmas and I wouldn’t doubt if this ends up being the best Christmas I ever had. Sometimes it’s not about what you get, but who you spend it with.

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