How I Spend Christmas by Tajinder Kaur

Christmas, I used to love her
But as time continued and I grew older
Things weren’t the same
Everything changed
For better or worse, I’m not too sure
The excited mornings
A decorated house filled with family and friends
Slowly it all disappeared, one by one
What was left?
All that answered was silence.
Thinking about Christmas, the way I spend it now in comparison to my childhood is very
different. It’s not a holiday we tend to celebrate, but as a child, all I was concerned with was presents, pretty decorations and festive food. Influenced by the country we reside in, the school I attended, Christmas was known to be a fun holiday. Meaning we have to
participate, why should we miss out on the celebrations? Surrounded by extended family, every year felt special, spending time with those we didn’t see regularly, all captured on camera.
The Christmas celebrations began twelve days before the holiday by putting up the
decorations. My parents and I would begin hanging the ceiling decorations, that are now
hiding somewhere in the attic. Setting up the Christmas tree, decorating it with tinsel,
colourful lights, baubles and a star at the top. The final touch would be to display all the
cards we would receive throughout December in a festive garland on the wall.
Many people have traditions, that wasn’t the case in my household. Christmas in my
childhood began with waking up early, roughly around 6am, before anyone was even
remotely awake. I’d shower, get dressed, look presentable all in record time, as presents
were priority. Waiting has never been in my nature, once I was ready, I’d begin waking
everyone up, causing commotion and dragging everyone around the Christmas tree.

First order of business, Christmas presents, anything after that didn’t concern me. My curiosity won every year, at my early convenience I would open the beautifully wrapped gifts. Being content with what stared back at me, mostly toys, chocolates and clothes.
Once the presents were all opened, everyone began getting ready, preparing breakfast and generally doing their own thing. We would all gather back in the living room for the big festive meal happening around 3-4pm. Everyone had a role to play, mine involved setting the table with all the necessary items. I hadn’t finished until I added my own personal touch with confetti, Christmas crackers and festive music on the speakers. We’d all sit, begin with a pray of thankfulness, open the crackers, wear the colourful hats and enjoy the meal. Once everyone had eaten and the dishes were cleared away. We would continue the family fun with a game of monopoly, cards or anything that was available whilst Christmas movies would play in the background.

London Victoria Christmas Display
That pretty much sums up how we spend Christmas in my household. As I grew older and family moved away, we celebrated the holiday less and less. It no longer interested me in the way it used to. We still cook a festive meal, bake goodies and receive presents. The twist is I receive the presents on boxing day, saving every little coin and hitting the sales with my mum.
Happy Holidays, stay fabulous beauties,

Author Profile
Hello beauties, I’m Tajinder, a UK fashion, lifestyle and music blogger with a poetic twist.
Dabbling in poetry, photography and YouTube. I believe in the motto you create your own opportunities. My platform is an expression of creativity, a place to inspire confidence and emotion with each post. Until we meet again, stay fierce and fabulous!


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