How I Spend Christmas by Bella

Bella is a 20 something country lifestyle blogger, based in Cambridgeshire, UK. On her blog she covers a range of topics, from homemaking to chicken keeping, but also shares her journey with PCOS and trying to start a family. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter, or read her about page, to find out more.
Christmas has changed a lot for me over the years, it’s celebrated differently in Spain to how it is celebrated in the UK. I really loved the Christmases of my childhood though.
To start, we’ve always put our tree up on the 1st of December. No matter what, I could guarantee that when I got home from school the boxes would be down, and my mum would be waiting to put the tree up. It’s actually one of my fondest memories!  The rest of the month would pass by in a relatively normal fashion, other than a few more chocolates and treats here and there.
The fun really starts on Christmas Eve, when there would often be music and partying well into the night as a family. Guests would have arrived a few days before, and no matter who’s house we were all staying at it would be a time for celebration. The same CD’s would play on repeat, until someone had the wits about them to change it to another over played Christmas CD. Eventually we would all go to bed, and have some much needed sleep.
The whole family would make an appearance around the tree around 7am, after being pestered by me and my cousins for well over an hour asking to go downstairs – we don’t do this as adults, promise! We would all find our places, either on a sofa, an armchair, or even on the floor, and we would all open our gifts.
This is the time where the room would be filled with “Oh my goodness!” and “Look at this!”. Because there would be so many of us, we would pause for breakfast, and then continue opening presents. I don’t think we ever ripped through our presents, we all liked to see what others had received and enjoy the morning.
By 10:30am, we’d all move off to do our own thing for a few hours. Some would go and watch a movie, us kids would go and play with our gifts, and lunch would be started. At some point we would all gather in the living room and watch a Christmas movie together. By the time the movie would end, we’d all be a bit stiff from squishing up for us all to fit on the two sofas in front of the TV.
We’d then go and have Christmas dinner around 3pm. We’d all sit in the dinning room, with mountains of food on the table. There’s a joke in the family that my uncle can cook for the whole village! We’d all have a cracker and put the little Christmas hats on, trying to figure out the magic tricks and laughing at the good jokes and complaining that they had better writers last year.
We’d then get stuck in to  our food, and it would go quiet for a little while, just being in each others company and enjoying the food. We’d spend hours at the table, long after we’d finished eating, just talking, listening to music, and just being together. I hope to spend many more Christmases like these in the years to come!

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I am a photojournalist living just outside London. I blog about my friends as i find life in this generation very interesting.

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