Blog Posts To Get You In The Mood For Christmas

It’s so close now, only 10 days away! If you’re still not in the mood, here are blog posts to help get you in the mood for Christmas. If you’re a blogger why don’t you have a go at writing about each topic? Or simply enjoy reading others posts.

namroud-gorguis-253765-unsplashThe Ultimate Christmas Playlist

As Buddy the elf said “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

Inspired by Charm have some bangers on their Christmas playlist

guest-post-ChristmasHow I Spend Christmas

Read about how others spend their Christmas Day in my feature series “How I Spend Christmas”. With funny anecdotes, annual traditions and family get togethers, step into someone else’s’ shoes and see how they celebrate.

Check out how other bloggers spend Christmas

constellate-32354-unsplashChristmas TV Episodes

Binge watch Christmas media with reruns of T.V Christmas specials on Netflix and Prime.

Check out my post on My Favourite Christmas T.V Episodes

carolyn-v-480494-unsplashChristmas Smells

Fill your home with the smells of Christmas to help you get in the mood for the festive time of year.

Jess at A Brunette tells all how to get the Christmas smell

joao-monteiro-1084948-unsplashBest Places To Travel At Christmas

Plan a get away this Christmas and spend the jolly holiday in another country, experiencing their traditions!

Check out my post on Best Places To Travel At Christmas

mg-cthu-225520-unsplashHow different Countries celebrate Christmas

Perhaps before jetting off, check out how other countries celebrate Christmas so that you know what you’re getting yourself into!

This infographic shows you How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

Screenshot_20181201-081234~2.pngBeauty bloggers

get some inspiration for a Christmas party of perhaps for the main day. Try out different looks and get in the festive spirit.

Check out my post on Under-the-radar Beauty Instas

tyler-delgado-497539-unsplashChristmas Quiz

Why not check out your knowledge of christmas and see how much you know about this time of year? There are a lot of quizzes online which go into different depths for different ages.

Check out my post on Our Christmas Quiz

matthew-fournier-536154-unsplashChristmas Checklist

Before Jesus has his big birthday there are many things you need to do to prepare for the day, much more than simply putting up decorations. From Christmas shopping to advent calendars and ice skating there are many things to do before the big day to help get you excited for Christmas.

Check out Tiny Trinkets 10 things To Do Before Christmas

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