Best Christmas TV Episodes

Gathering round and enjoying some festive TV episodes can be a great, free, way to get in the holiday mood. With Christmas being around the corner, in no particular order, these are my all time favourite Christmas T.V episodes.

Community – Regional Holiday Music


Season 3 Episode 10

When the schools glee club suffer from a group psychotic episode, Abed convinces the greendale seven to take over, despite them hating the glee club.Β  The episode is filled with unconventional Christmas sings included Troy and Abed’s rap, which everyone should check out!

The Office – Dwight Christmas


Season 9 Episode 9

This is an amazing insight to how other religions celebrate Christmas. Dwight convinces the office to experience a Schrute Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas. He dresses up as Belsnickel, the German ‘Christmas gift-bringer’ a.k.a German Santa, and goes around the office deciding if the staff have been ‘Impish or Admirable” a.k.a naughty or nice.

Community – Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas


Season 2 Episode 11

Abed seems to loose a few marbles as he wakes up one December morning having everything turned to animation. His friends band together to get to the bottom of this Christmas mystery while Duncan, the schools therapist, tries to make Abed realise that he is not made of claymation.

Scrubs – My Own Personal Jesus


Season 1 Episode 12

This is a great episode to show you that Christmas spirt can come and go in even the most festive people. After the Christmas eve night shift, Turk decided he is not going to mass on Christmas day and he no longer believes in little baby Jesus. His faith is later restored when he follows a bright star in the sky to a distressed mother about to give birth.

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