How I Spend Christmas by Anna Stralthy

Hello everyone! My name is Anna and I blog about health, food, beauty and lifestyle over at . You can also find me on my Twitter and Instagram.  I am really happy that I got to write a post for Hannah’s blog so make yourself cozy, grab a cup of coffee and let’s start.


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My Christmas story starts 2 days before the big day. There is a big accent put on food when it comes to Christmas so that’s what everyone is talking about. Supermarkets are packed with people trying to buy one last gift and the streets are filled with even more people driving their cars around like crazy, trying to get home as quick as possible. There is a good vibe in the air and if you walk around my neighbourhood on December 23 at 6 pm you will be able to see in almost every apartment, a girl, a mom, a grandma or even a masculine appearance trying to cook the best meal ever.

I used to be dragged in the kitchen every year to help my mom. I say “used to” because I really enjoying doing it now so I enter with a happy face, not complaining all the way from my bedroom to the kitchen. We have a bunch of traditional dishes that we “have to make” according to my mom. From minced meat rolled into a pickled cabbage leaf to two different types of salads and three deserts! Everyone wants to make sure that you will not be able to move after you are done eating all that on Christmas day.

On December 24, everyone is cooking a little bit more while the little ones dream of seeing Santa Clause. I don’t get to see him anymore but that’s ok (says me, a 23 year old girl with teary eyes). My Christmas tree is up from the start of December so that’s not on the list anymore. Instead, I like to play a lot of Christmas music while cleaning the house. Yep, we are cleaning the house the day before Christmas because everything needs to be in order before the big day. My mom is cooking just a little bit more while I am vacuuming, washing the windows, the floors and so on. I do take small breaks, but only to complain to my boyfriend on the phone who, guess what, is doing the exact same thing at his house.

By the time night comes, we are pretty much exhausted so we usually take a bite or two of the freshly cooked food and end the night while watching a movie. I will then, wake up at about 5 o’clock to help Santa’s elf put the presents under the tree and I try to go back to sleep after. Does this thing happen? Of course not, I can’t stop thinking of what I will find under the tree in the morning. I usually end up rolling from one part to another until the clock hits 6 or 7 in the morning.


Christmas day is a pretty quiet one and if you go around town you will barely see anyone on the street. Everyone is at home or at another persons house, eating, partying and unwrapping gifts. That is also what we like to do. Christmas day we do three dinners, at my grandparents, my boyfriend parents and our family friends. It feels like a bit too much food for one day haha!

When the day is done, everyone is full, happy with their presents and with the fact that the Christmas spirit is alive in our house and hometown.

I hope that you have enjoyed my little story about Christmas. I wish every one of you a warm and Merry Christmas!

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