Our Christmas Quiz

With the holiday seasons immediately upon us, this year at a our Christmas party we are holding a quiz to find out who is the smartest once and for all. The quiz isn’t specifically about Christmas, it is just a quiz we are doing at Christmas. The quiz is made of four sections: Christmas, Maths, English and Geography.

I though I would post the quiz here for anyone else to use, comment below and tell me if you think you know the answers!


1. As a Catholic when should you put your Christmas tree up?

2. When was Santa born?

3. What prince bought the Christmas tree to England?

4. Name all of the colours which Santa clause has been

5. What percentage of Americans celebrate Christmas and how much does household spend on average?


6. counting from 1 to 100, how many 6s will you encounter?

7. 33+95=?

8. Add all of the even numbers on this list. Do you get an odd or even number? 2, 56, 33, 87, 46, 98, 1, 77, 20, 65, 104, 307

9. What is the next number in the sequence? 4,11,25,53…?

10. At what height does a wave become a tsunami?


11. unscramble these letters to form a word STUBOE

12. If writing the word TYPEWRITER on a keyboard, how many rows of keys will you have to use?

13. The new law will ____________ the entire community. Everyone will be affected.




14. If you don’t stop overspending, you’ll ______________ run out of money.




15. Does an adjective: define an action or describe words?


16. What is the capital of Australia?

17. What is the capital of Brazil?

18. How many US states are there?

19. Name a country which ends with a L

20. Name a four letter country not in Asia.

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I am a photojournalist living just outside London. I blog about my friends as i find life in this generation very interesting.

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